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Manoj S.
Kumar is a CPA with more than 10 years experience in Book-keeping and Taxation, helping individuals and small businesses with tax services, tax planning/consulting, new business formation, bookkeeping and payroll services. Kumar is also an active real estate investor and provides his clients holistic guidance to achieve income optimization including legal tax savings. Kumar is committed to helping his clients achieve financial success.
Marcello I.
Marcello is an Enrolled Agent and has over 30 years experience preparing individual, partnership, corporation, estate, and trust tax returns. He graduated with highest honors with a bachelor of science in accounting at Regis Jesuit University, and graduated with highest honors with a Masters Degree in Taxation from Florida Atlantic University. He is the president, and principal tax professional of his own tax firm.
Marcia B.
I have helped individuals and small businesses with tax services, tax planning/consulting/research, new business formation, bookkeeping, payroll services and IRS representation for more than 18 years. As a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and a Chartered Global Management Accountant, I am committed to helping my clients be in compliance, plan/ strategize, and succeed.
Marcus T.
I love helping individuals and small business owners legally reduce their tax liability and maximize their tax result. I also offer monthly bookkeeping to help my small business clients stay on track and organized for tax time.
Mark F.
Mark is a CPA with more than 10 years of experience advising individuals and small businesses on their tax matters. In the past two years he has focused on educating his clients on the changes in tax laws, making sure that they take advantage of all of the recent changes. He has particular expertise in the section 199A Qualified Business Income Deduction along with preparing Schedule Cs for individuals, partnership returns and S-Corp returns.
Mark M.
I've been helping clients for 40 years with Accounting and Tax compliance and preparation. I work with individuals and small business.
Mark C.
A Certified Public Accountant with a passion for helping small businesses and individuals simplify their record keeping and tax filings. Mark's background includes experience with real estate, investments, and small business start ups.
Mark J.
For more than 10 years, Mark has helped individuals and small businesses with tax services, tax planning/consulting, new business formation, bookkeeping and payroll services. As an Enrolled Agent (EA), Mark is a federally authorized tax practitioner empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Mark is committed to helping his clients file accurate tax returns and get the best results.
Mark G.
Mark has over 30 years of Tax and Accounting experience and has assisted 100's of clients with knowledgeable advice and timely, accurate tax filing preparation. Your filings are in good hands with Mark!
Martin K.
Martin Koprowski has assisted numerous small businesses and individuals with annual tax returns, consultations, notices, bookkeeping, payroll and sales tax service, for over 5 years. As an Enrolled Agent, full-service accountant, and well-versed financial professional, your goals are his goals - to earn you that financial independence and prosperity.
Mary G.
CPA, estate planning attorney, and tax planning specialist for high-net worth investment advisory clients. I have a Masters in Science of Taxation and Masters in Accounting Science. My focus is on simple and complex individual tax returns. Looking forward to helping you!
Matthew F.
CPA who has been preparing small business and personal taxes since 2003.
Matthew J.
Matt has provided many years of expert service to individuals and businesses helping them with all their tax needs.
Maximiliano A.
Maximiliano (Max) has been an Enrolled Agent since 2016, and enjoys helping individuals and small businesses with their Tax needs. Max has over five years of tax experience as well as new business formation, bookkeeping and payroll services. Max is also fluent in Spanish. Max is committed to helping his clients achieve financial success.
Melil A.
For more than 10 years, Melil has worked in both the private and public accounting sectors. She is involved in providing audit services and solving complex individual, business, and corporate taxes. As a member of the American Institute of Certified Accountants(AICPA) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA), Melil is knowledgeable of the GAAP and IFRS accounting standards; and is committed to providing excellent services to her clients.
Merriet W.
I am an active California CPA with 30 years of varied accounting experience, which includes Tax, Accounting, Auditing and Consulting. I owned a firm for 10 years and I currently own and operate an online bookkeeping firm.
Michael N.
I am an Enrolled Agent and love helping people with their taxes. My goal is always to help people save as much as they legally and ethically can! More than that I love helping people plan for the future and how to save moving forward.
Michael L.
Enrolled Agent. CFO and tax advisory services. Proven track record of helping small businesses and individuals.
Michael H.
Mike started his career as a tax consultant with PriceWaterhouse, and has been helping the self-employed reduce their taxes to the legal minimum for more than 30 years. He not only provides tax compliance, but he pays special attention to identify opportunities to reduce the tax bill of his clients.
Michael G.
Mike is a CPA and tax professional with over 20 years of experience, and has expertise in individual, small business and corporate tax returns, ranging from start-ups and sole proprietorships to large, complex multi-national corporations. Mike also conducts tax planning and bookkeeping services and looks forward to helping you achieve all of your accounting and tax needs.