Alfred has been a tax preparer and tax resolution specialist for twenty-five years. During his career, he has owned and operated a tax franchise and, afterwards, his own independent 4-person tax business specializing in individual/small business tax returns, and representing clients with tax problems before the IRS and State Tax Departments. Given the increasing complexity of the tax code, Alfred makes a concerted effort to ensure that each of his clients pays the lowest amount of tax possible.
Lanita B.
I am so glad that I found Alfred! I had recently been the victim of an unscrupulous tax preparer who included a tax credit on my tax return that he assured me I was qualified to take. Well, the IRS did not agree, and I was left with a sizeable amount of tax, penalty, and interest to pay. Even before I shared my story with Alfred, he seemed to sense my anxiety and was taking care to make sure that I understood and agreed with all aspects of my tax return. I can relax now that I have found someone who I have great confidence will prepare my taxes correctly.
Tom C.
I am a Private Investigator and Alfred has been preparing my taxes for about the last fifteen years. In previous years, I did my own taxes. But I finally encountered a tax issue that I was not certain how to handle. I brought my taxes to Alfred and, lo and behold, he not only resolved my issue, but he introduced me to a couple of additional business deductions that I had not considered. Indeed, those extra deductions lowered my tax bill sufficiently to pay Alfred's bill and still have some dollars left for me. The moral of this story is that, for all years hence, I have not prepared my own taxes. Instead, Alfred, the tax professional, does them.
Timmy P.
Alfred charges me the same preparation fee as my last tax preparer. But, unlike my last preparer, he meets with me on the agreed upon date and time, sends me a questionnaire so that he knows if my situation has changed during the past year, always has the time and patience to make sure that I know and understand what is on my tax return, and finally, gives me the confidence, that I paid only the correct amount of tax; no more, and no less.