FAQ for accountants

How does Picnic work for an accountant?

Once you are onboarded, you will be given access to a client portal where you’ll be able to pick up jobs. Pricing on jobs is set up front by Picnic Tax and info is disclosed around the job requirements so that you can determine whether you’d like to claim a given job. After claiming a job, you’ll get access to that client’s tax documents and you can begin preparing at your convenience. Note that all communication and client interaction for jobs in the New Job Board must occur on the Picnic platform. You’ll be paid through Stripe within a few days of completing each filing.

How much will I make on each return I prepare?

Pricing on basic returns starts at ~$150 with most returns being $200+. Business tax filings start at $300. Pricing is disclosed up front for each tax filing so you know your compensation before beginning the work. Note also that there are many unique situations which command higher pricing than the numbers above (e.g. clients with multiple years of filings, clients who also need tax planning, etc.).

How do I get paid?

We have integrated with the third party payment processor Stripe . Our integration with Stripe allows for automatic payment to you upon completion of a client’s job. Note that this only relates to jobs claimed from the “New Job Board”. If you receive a client through the Lead Board, you will arrange payment from the client on your own.

How do I contact my Picnic clients? How frequently should I be communicating?

We have a messaging system built into our website that you can use to easily get in touch with clients if you need clarification or additional documents as you work on a tax return. We ask that you respond to all client messages within 24 hours (and preferably same day). Lack of responsiveness to clients could result in loss of access to the Picnic platform.

How long do I have to complete each job?

Quick turnarounds are important and we ask that you try to return the initial draft of a return within a few days of receiving a client’s docs. We do monitor progress for each client and if we find a specific accountant is consistently taking a very long time to respond to clients, access to the Picnic portal could be at risk.

Do you provide accountants with tax filing software?

No, you’ll need to use your own software as we are a customer acquisition and marketing tool for accountants, not a tax software provider.

What can I expect in terms of number of customers and revenues from the Picnic Tax platform?

In depends on how engaged you are with the platform! We had some accountants last year complete >50 jobs though the average was lower than that. We limit the number of active jobs that you can have at any given time so in order to claim more jobs, you need to work through your existing client backlog. If you’re very engaged with our platform (working quickly) and getting good client feedback, you’ll get tons of work from us to keep you busy.

It’s also worth noting that we do not limit the number of bids you can place through the Lead Board, if you prefer to engage with us through that method.

Picnic sounds awesome! How do I get started?

Getting started as an accountant on Picnic is easy. Simply create an account and answer a few quick questions so we can get to know you. Then we’ll ask you to take a quick accounting quiz to get an idea of your skills and experience. Assuming you pass the test, you’ll submit proof of your accounting qualifications (your PTIN and EFIN) and we’ll set you up with Stripe (account setup is seamlessly integrated into our onboarding).

What if I don’t have a PTIN or EFIN?

You unfortunately won’t be eligible for the Picnic platform. If you have your PTIN but don’t currently have an EFIN, we’d encourage you to apply for one on the IRS website. The application process is easy and it only takes 45 days for approval.