Tax Planning and Filing for Employees

For Employers
A perk that all of your employees will appreciate
Through its Corporate Partnership program, Picnic Tax offers discounted personalized tax filing and planning to employees of its Corporate Partners. Picnic Tax’s program is designed to alleviate employees’ stress, save them time and perhaps most importantly, help their bottom line.
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    Improve employee mental health

    More than half of Americans experience stress around their taxes. Working with a tax expert provides peace of mind.

    Give your employees the gift of time

    According to the IRS, the average taxpayer spends 13 hours preparing their tax return.

    Increase take-home pay

    Working with a tax expert results in higher take-home pay for the vast majority of taxpayers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Picnic’s service offerings include Personal Tax Filing, Small Business Tax Filing, Tax Planning and Advice, Self-Employed Taxes and Equity Compensation Management. It’s highly likely that your situation falls into one of these categories but if you’re confused at all, feel free to contact us and we’re happy to talk you through what service might be best for you.
    Picnic can handle anything from a simple W-2 with the standard deduction to very complicated tax situations. Whether you earn income in multiple states, are self-employed, have international tax items or are someone with lots of different investments, rest assured we have an accountant who can handle your situation. Our goal is to make things easy for you no matter how complicated your tax situation is.
    First, you’ll tell us a little bit about your background and your unique tax situation. Based on that information, we’ll give you a price quote and assuming you want to proceed, we’ll select an accountant from our network that is the perfect fit for your needs. After we make the introduction, you’ll work with your accountant directly on our platform. If you’d like to set up a phone or Zoom call with your accountant, that’s absolutely fine as well and that can be set up directly in your Picnic dashboard.
    Pricing depends on the service offering selected with Personal Tax Filings starting around $225, Small Business Tax Filings starting around $500 and Tax Planning and Advice starting around $300. Payment is collected when the job is initiated but is not released to your accountant until the work is completed to your satisfaction.