10 Reasons Why Outsourcing Tax Preparation Is Here To Stay

For most businesses, partnerships and individuals, outsourcing tax preparation is part of the plan to prepare for tax season. Whether it is a small business, a professional sole practitioner or even a large corporation, external experts are important to ensuring that taxes are prepared precisely and accurately, in compliance with the latest tax laws. Even … Read more

How Accounting Firms Can Increase Employee Retention

accountant employee retention

In the wake of COVID and the Great Resignation, employee retention has become an even bigger issue than usual for many firms. Although there isn’t yet a lot of data about how specific fields and business sectors have been impacted, it does seem that white-collar workers are more likely to leave their current job. In … Read more

Benefits of Tax Preparation Outsourcing for Accounting Firms

outsource tax prep

For the vast majority of businesses, outsourcing accounting and tax work is a necessity. Companies, from major firms to small businesses, turn to CPAs, accounting firms and other tax preparers to ensure their accounting work is done precisely and on time. Increasingly, accounting firms themselves are turning to outsourcing firms to help increase capacity and … Read more

The Best Remote CPA Jobs: How To Find Them

Home office

Even before the pandemic, CPAs were some of the lucky workforce members who could sometimes work from home. Your tax accounting skills and credentials matter a lot more than your location, especially now. Even the stodgiest of old-fashioned business professionals have been forced to re-evaluate the merits of remote workers during COVID, and you could … Read more