Frequently Asked Questions

By outsourcing to Picnic, you free up valuable time for your staff to focus on their highest value relationships. We allow you to scale up and down efficiently to meet the demands of busy season, helping you to manage overhead and improve your bottom line. The quality of our accountant network far exceeds whatever service you might be able to find internationally, as all of our accountants are based in the U.S. and licensed as either CPAs or EAs.
We generally structure contracts based on anticipated volumes and average pricing. E.g. if you need 200 filings from us, the contract would be for that amount multiplied by the average price per filing. Note that average price per filing is a function of a number of variables including number of filings, timing of commitment, complexity of average filing etc. Please contact our team to discuss the specifics that might be available to you for your contract.
We have an extensive screening process that we require our accountants to pass before they can work on Picnic. We review the backgrounds of all our tax pros including résumé reviews and third party verification services. Prospective accountants must also pass our test to determine their skill level as well as provide a copy of a government-issued ID as well as proof of a PTIN license (the tax license that the IRS requires for an individual to prepare taxes).