The 7 Best Online Tax Preparation Services for 2021

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Every year, millions save a ton of time and money by filing their tax returns online. Online tax preparation services and software make it possible for people to plan easily for their taxes and to receive their refunds swiftly through direct deposit. Here are seven of the biggest, best options if you are planning to … Read more

Online Tax Prep: What You Need to Know

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Every year, people in the United States must file their tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service. Once upon a time, people lined up to bring their returns to a post office before midnight on the filing deadline on April 15. Today, most people file their taxes online. In fact, 92% of all tax returns … Read more

Choosing the Right CPA for You

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When you think about your annual tax responsibilities, you may be concerned about handling the complexity of your tax forms. This is especially true if you run a small business, work as a freelancer or have a “side hustle” in today’s gig economy. If you have investment accounts, inheritance or have made some changes in … Read more

How To Do Your Tax Returns Online

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Most people in the United States are required to file their tax returns every year with the Internal Revenue Service. In the past, news footage would be filled with scenes of people lined up to mail paper tax returns to the IRS on April 15, the annual deadline to file an individual tax return. People … Read more