Are Political Donations Tax-Deductible?

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Although the IRS encourages charitable giving through tax breaks, the agency and the taxpayers it serves sometimes disagree on what constitutes a charity. To help solve this problem, the IRS maintains a list of each qualified organization that taxpayers can donate to if they want a tax deduction. You’ll notice, however, that there are no … Read more

Are Charity Donations Tax Deductible? A Tax Guide For Giving

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Making charitable donations is a great way to help others and maybe reduce your tax bill a little at the same time. As is true with most tax-related activities, however, there is a right way and several wrong ways to go about claiming your charitable contributions at tax time. To make sure your gift benefits … Read more

Standard Deduction vs Itemized: How To Pay Less In Taxes

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Death and taxes may be the only two sure things in life, but you can at least get some wiggle room on your taxes. You can achieve breathing room on your taxes through tax deductions, which let you use certain expenses to lower your income and therefore your tax liability. The concept itself is quite … Read more