Are Charity Donations Tax Deductible? A Tax Guide For Giving

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Making charitable donations is a great way to help others and maybe reduce your tax bill a little at the same time. As is true with most tax-related activities, however, there is a right way and several wrong ways to go about claiming your charitable contributions at tax time. To make sure your gift benefits … Read more

How Stock Option Taxes Work

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Stock options can be a great supplement to your income. Before exercising an option, however, it’s important to know the tax consequences of doing so. This area of tax law gets complicated quickly, so it’s a good idea to talk to a CPA even after learning the basics. Intro To Employee Stock Options An employee … Read more

Bitcoin Taxes: How is Cryptocurrency Taxed in 2021?

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Crypto, such as Bitcoin, is basically an electronic currency that you store in an online virtual wallet. You can buy and sell bitcoin or use it to pay for goods and services online. Many of these transactions are taxable events, however, so you need to understand the bitcoin tax before you get too far down … Read more